Our Children – Our Future

“Do not indoctrinate your children. Teach them to think for themselves, evaluate evidence and how to disagree with you” – Richard Dawkins

Most Common Issues Raised by BGSD Parents

I have spoken to many BGSD parents asking about their concerns within the district. The three most common issues brought to my attention were school funding, school curriculum and sports.


This issue is at the top of the list when it comes to BGSD parental concerns. The district has failed to adequately advertise the levies and bond. Parents struggled to vote yes on more money with the past several years of events still fresh in their minds. “Why should I vote yes on a levy when my kids aren’t even in school?”, said one Battleground parent. Online school has fallen very short of parent expectations and they are frustrated. I have heard many perspectives on this issue. I would love to hear yours. Please send me an email with your top three concerns.


Curriculum has been a top issue in the BGSD for some time. The comprehensive sex education is at the forefront of parents minds. “What will it look like?”, “Will my child be forced to take this class?”, are just a few of the questions I have heard. To make the issue of curriculum even more prevalent, Critical Race theory is now coming out of the legislature. The current legislation requires school boards to select training classes staff will need to devote one professional learning day a year toward their continuing education. Let me know your thoughts on the curriculum issues in BGSD.


It is a widely accepted fact that children excel physically and mentally when they participate in sports. While BGSD does host a diverse number of sports, they are not available at all age groups. Middle School sports have been an ongoing concern for some time. Finally, when they were going to be offered, COVID struck, funding issues arose and now they are on the chopping block. This fuels the parents frustration and contributes to the lack of levee approval. There is also an issue of competitive levels. Should Battle Ground High School be competing at the 4A level? Multiple applications to drop to 3A have been submitted and subsequently rejected. What will it take to get lowered? What are your thoughts? What are your concerns with sports?

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