About Me

Ted Champine


  • 17 Years Air Force between Active Duty, ANG and Reserves
  • Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from University of Alaska Anchorage
  • Small Business Owner
  • Father of 3 Teenage Boys
  • Husband
  • Youth Football Coach


  • Generally fiscally & socially conservative
  • PCO 580 in 18Ld

Hobbies & interests

  • Classic Truck Restoration
  • Boating, Water Sports & Fishing
  • Football, Basketball & Golf
  • Coaching & Mentoring Youth

Educational Views

  1. Teachers deserve to be well paid and should be held accountable to high standards.
  2. School facilities should be safe and secure.
  3. Curriculum needs to be relevant, up to date, and approved by the community it serves.
  4. Smart & effective spending should be transparent and monitored
  5. Students, Teachers & Administrators should ALL held to the highest of standards regardless of religion, national origin, race, color, or sex.
  6. Physical exercise, arts and creativity are as important as any other standard class.
  7. Sports at all grade levels are positive and should be encouraged.
  8. Vocational training should be given more attention.
  9. Schools are stewards of the taxpayer dollar and therefore should be fiscally responsible and transparent to the community they serve.

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